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Keyteo’s consultants provide innovative solutions to help our clients design or improve their products, services and manufacturing processes. Consultants operate on various levels depending on their experience, including research and development project. As consulting engineers specialized in innovative technologies, they master related issues and high-tech solutions.

Our consultants are adept at identifying new problems and finding the appropriate innovative solutions. They design and improve clients’ products, processes, services thanks to their ability to critically analyse existing situations and/or their knowledge of current practices. As a consultant, you will be responsible for finding pertinent innovative solutions to some of the toughest problems

As a business manager at Keyteo, your job is to contribute to the achievement of the compagny strategy and growth. Your objectives and targets include client management activities and new business acquisitions, with a view to enhancing value for our clients and increasing revenues and cross sales. You will be responsible for your own business unit within one of the entreprise sector divisions.

Your function, however, is not just limited to business development. Thanks to your acute interpersonal skills, you will play an important role in managing the human resources of your own business team, hiring and advising the consultants who join your team, which will help shape, your own professional development

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