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The women and men at Keyteo are all driven by the same purpose, to foster innovation and bring innovative projects to life. Working everyday on a wide variety of projects to enhance our clients’ performance, these women and men are at the very heart of the innovation value chain, and have the possibility of evolving along this chain throughout their career with Keyteo.


Our collaborators have the unique opportunity of taking part in particularly stimulating projects, which allow them to develop their skills and enhance their career-development possiblities. Keyteo’s market presence, through our 5 sectors d’activities, offers a wide range of missions which are as complex as the chal-lenges and d’activities proffered by our clients.

Our collaborators have access to “round-the-clock” interconnectivity with those who innovate: our clients, via their challenges and projects, and our specialists who distinguish themselves by their technological expertise and mastery of innovation processes

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