Digital, Soft development & Media

Over the last few years, the digital economy has turned into a powerful and rapidly evolving environment on both the technical and users fronts.

The following 4 major trends have completely modified the business:

  • A generalised market penetration and a sound evolution of smartphones constantly enriched with features
  • A cloud business development with real time access to virtualized and mutualized IT
  • The omnipresence of social networks and contents widely generated by users
  • Appearance of connected objects

These major evolutions have literally transformed the relations between the consumers and the companies. While the consumers have become real prescribers (who both analyse realtime information and express their opinions on the internet), the companies have succeeded to target new customers thanks to new sources of information. In order to adapt to these evolutions and stay competitive, CEOs must be ready to tap into new approaches and ask themselves the relevant questions.

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