Training and Mobility

quote-icon-keyteo-front Learning is an ongoing feature that is key to the Keyteo experience… quote-icon-keyteo-back

Learning is an ongoing feature that is key to the Keyteo experience. We offer technical, managerial and cultural training to all our staff members.

The different training schemes offered by Keyteo all over Switzerland and abroad are regularly updated to take account of changes in Keyteo’s activities as well as the learning needs of the compagny’s staff.

quote-icon-keyteo-front Mobility is a gateway to personal and professional advancement for Keyteo’s employees quote-icon-keyteo-back

Professional and/or regional mobility is a major challenge for Keyteo with respect to the Companies expansion and growth. Our job offers are regularly updated and may be consulted by all our website. We guide collaborators in their mobility projects and offer permanent support.

The success of mobility projects mainly depends on the implication, transparency, responsibility and professionalism of those involved (collaborators, managerial staff, human resource contacts, etc.).

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Training and mobility

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